Whether it's a gift, family, pets, self-portrait, or a memory - TPP has a beautiful way to represent the most important things in life - who are living or have lived with us!

TPP is an experience of portraiture connecting with people, animals, and the expression of their character. Each living person (and animal) is unique, loved and making (or made) an impact - this is what Tam likes to make sure is honoured in every portrait. 

This journey is something that includes all people (and animals) with a strong belief in them. The feeling of having a timeless drawing or painting created of you, for you and about you is something that can be extremely special, particularly for family. 

Here at TPP Tam offers a completely customisable portraiture order system to ensure that you have a variety of choice along with some direction for what mediums and surfaces and overall composition of the portrait turn out the way that you want it. 

While you are waiting for your portrait Tam sends progress updates if desired, while some prefer a nice surprise and suspenseful wait until the portrait is complete. She also communicates with you to gather all the important information and assists with guiding you with your order if required.


Tam also really loves to know about who is in the portrait, it's something that feels more enriching while she's drawing or painting them to really know who they are and why they are being drawn or painted. One of the biggest things that comes through in every portrait experience is love and compassion for others or the self, expressed through the person who orders the portrait. 


It has always been Tam's vision to reduce her impact on the environment by recycling and reducing waste. With the current concerns for the sustainability of our planet Tam is always looking for more ways to cut down on waste, choose quality over quantity, and recycle as much as possible. 

Tam has implemented the following practices so far at TPP:

  • Re-using toilet paper rolls to mail paper portraits to customers.

  • Producing new paper from recycled paper and newspaper to use as art surfaces for works. All used paper in Tam's home is saved for making new paper.

  • Being conservative with paints and cleaning products, making them last and not using more than necessary, ensuring that there is no need to dispose of any paint. Tam never has unused paint, she only puts a small amount on the pallet each time and uses the same pallet for many paintings.

  • Reusing the turpentine fluid for cleaning brushes - once the paint particles have settled down the bottom (into sediment) the remaining turpentine fluid can be poured off and reused. 

  • Utilising re-usable towels rather than a paper towel to wipe brushes rather than washing them more often than needed. The same towel can last a very long time, the paint dries on it and then the brushes can be wiped on that towel again.

  • All cans and bottles used in Tam's home studio (and all areas of the home) are saved for returning to the bottle collection facility. 

  • Bread tags saved for wheelchair creation: 

  • All soft plastics (such as packaging for materials, food packaging, etc.) are collected and returned to Coles and/or Woolworths soft plastic collection bins. 

  • Cardboard and all other recycling are always put into the recycling bin (provided they are recyclable, which needs to be checked on the individual item). 

  • Saving any household items that can be used in Tam's art - such as can lids are great paint pallets for individual colours or for linseed oil to mix in and thin paints out when required. Many more household items come in handy for Tam's practice and she always takes that opportunity to use what she can and not waste it!

  • If you have any suggestions or questions please email tamsportraits@outlook.com and Tam will have a chat with you about it!