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Newcastle Art Gallery - Novel Connections Zine

Uncomfortable, 2020
Watercolour and Acrylic on Paper.
I was lucky enough to have my work selected for the Novel Connections Zine at Newcastle Art Gallery. 

This was a collective of projects created by local artists in the Newcastle area to share their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Telling the stories of social isolation hopes to bring us together in a space of support, wellbeing, and mentorship as we find ourselves in this difficult period. 

My work titled 'Uncomfortable' shares how this time has felt for me, and how disconnected I feel from the life I knew before it. It has been a time of introspection and self-development to move into a new lifestyle and optimise how I can get through it on my own two feet. This is easier said than done, and joining this zine has been a relaxing experience to acknowledge that we are not struggling alone. 

Fruit n Veggies for the kids - giving back to The Russel Sprout!

I was honoured to assist New Lambton District OOSH's contribution to the local fruit and veggie shop - The Russell Sprout which has been supplying the children who attend OOSH with fresh food for the past 8 years. 

It was such a great experience to be able to help out and paint with the school kids. I love being part of such a close community relationship between the OOSH and the suppliers such as this awesome fruit n veggie shop!

The children also loved having the opportunity to contribute to something that's really being displayed at the shop down the road! They were so proud of their work!

Sadly The Russell Sprout has since closed down which has been a massive shock to the school, community and I. Wishing the owner all the best in his new adventures. 
I'd like to give a huge thanks everyone who was involved in this activity!
(Names not mentioned to respect the privacy of all individuals)
The Russell Sprout fruit n' veggie shop front sign
Acrylic on MDF board

Tour de Kids - Current challenge from 1-30 September 2021

My current community challenge is to ride my bike 200km during the month of September in 2021 to raise money for children with serious illness. 

As an artist of family connection and as part of my role in the Dartment of Education, children are an important part of my life and sit very closely to my heart. It is my honour to ride for this, to generate some funding for those young people who are suffering through things that they didn't ask for in life. 

I also hope to discover some extra fitness and bump my goal up to 300km during the challenge!

Check out where I'm up to here:


The World's Greatest Shave - Leukaemia Foundation



On the 12th March 2015 I participated in the World's Greatest Shave - a lifelong goal and also something I was very afraid of doing!
A couple of my family members were suffering from blood illness at the time, my Grandma with cancer spreading through her organs, and my uncle with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I felt helpless for them - so the least I could do was raise money towards assisting people in their situation. 
Thank you SO MUCH to all the kind and selfless people who donated to this cause; that money would have gone to helping someone living some very challenging days.