Just a list of the funny and meaningful moments of this business

When I started my business in May 2019, I was handing out flyers into house mail boxes, and I always felt particularly anxious about talking to people who happened to be in their front yard at the same time as when I put my flyer in their mail box. This older lady was gardening in her yard and walked over to ask what I was promoting, so I said "my art, do you like art?" and she said "nudes", so I said "I can do nudes!" and she said "I'll check it out". hahaha. 

The first year when I started my business I made less than $12k in that whole year (including the other job I had at the school). So I started on struggle street, and felt at the time that I was so poor and broke (was also studying full time university, hence the time poor situation). Things are built slowly and are not easy in the beginning. 

I once completed an A3 size portrait that took a LONG time to do, went to spray the Finishing Spray on it, and accidentally grabbed the can of spray adhesive. The portrait was ruined and I had to start it from scratch.