Father and Son

Oil on canvas

This portrait was ordered  as a gift. A gift to this boy who is now all grown up and preparing to be married soon. What truly touched me when painting this portrait was finding out the reason of it, the incredibly sombre news that his Dad is no longer with us. My reaction to that was that I wish I could have magic powers and somehow paint him real enough that he comes back to life - and that was my motivation. 


Oil on canvas

Dan inspires many people (including me) for his exceptional outlook on life - he's never seen his blindness as some reason to stop living - he regularly travels all around Australia independently, always going out with friends and family, does pottery, mosaic tile art, yoga, boxing, 5km Park runs, and just never stops taking on new interests that make him feel alive. He's a very active member of our local community and the Australian community at large.

One thing I always aspire towards is this mindset of not letting things stop you. This trail of thought relates to the concept of the sublime, and I particularly love how Immanuel Kant views it -
"Kant's view of the sublime is that humanity is threatened by, but rising above nature" (Hutchings, 2003).

Darwin sunset

Oil on canvas

Lizzie and Trevor are an extremely down to earth couple to be around - they really focus on what's important in life and I always feel a huge sense of relief when I'm around them. This painting was a wedding gift from Lizzie to Trevor, because he has way too many tools in the shed and that was all he'd asked for (he's a handy man!). I love that this painting is in their home and brings them together when they look at it. This portrait also shows their guests how much they mean to each other. It's something that is timeless and captures the time in their life when they were just about to be married - a capsule that will always bring them back to their roots. 

Photograph by William Cowan

Sisters on ANZAC

Oil on canvas

This is a self-portrait of my older sister and I. Alana (right) and I (left) spent my first serving ANZAC Day together in Sydney in 2010. 

Our bond has stayed there throughout the test of time, despite all the things in life that have happened we love each other unconditionally and are extremely grateful to have each other as family. 

This portrait brings us back to our younger years, I was eighteen and Alana was twenty-four. We had very different careers back then to what we're in now, but it made us part of who we are today. I also really love the military-style jacket Alana wore for the day to fit in, it still makes me smile.

The fountains in the background represent an ongoing willingness to rise up, to keep on pushing, to keep on keeping on and to remember our sense of worth in this crazy world we live in. 

The sky is turbulent yet beautiful, which represents some of the difficult times we've both had throughout our lives. It represents the past, whereas the fountains represent the present moment.

Alana is quite a talented dancer and the flick of her hand is a signature element to her character. She has a beautiful ability to perform and radiates confidence in herself that people today find infectious.

My hand on the hip is also a signature characteristic, I've been told by many references that I have an RBF (resting bitch face) and my husband Brenden definitely concurs with this - he always says that when he met me my face said "don't even try" - but he did, and I love that he did. 

The almighty cat

Oil on canvas

This is an unconventional portrait for an unconventional couple - every one of their wildest dreams in one painting, condensed and on fire (literally). 

This couple were about to be married when I painted their portrait, and it was a surprise gift from the groom (Steve) to the bride (Teomi). Steve has a wild imagination and kept listing off things he really dreamed of having in the portrait, not dissimilar to a kid in a lolly shop who's got no limits! 

The overall theme is in line with the classic 1993 video game 'Doom' - a first-person shooter and said to be one of the most significant games in gaming history. Another major theme of this painting was drawn from Star Wars - a classic series of films beginning in 1977 and still emerging today in 2019. 


Oil on canvas

Nana loved having her hair combed, it was how she truly relaxed while spending time with her grandchildren.

This painting is of my sister combing her hair, playing 'hairdressers'. One of our favourite ever memories.

Rest in Peace Nana, forever in our memories and we love you to the moon and back. 

Tiny - proudly uniformed Dad and military man

Graphite on paper

This is a portrait of ​Gordon John Body - a father who proudly served Australia in the Army, and also serviced with the Pipes & Drums of the Royal Australian corps of transport for 32 years. He retired the longest serving pipe major in the Australian army.

His loving son Justin ordered this portrait to commemorate him as a brilliant man, father and on the other hand quite a cheeky pot stirrer with his mates and loved ones. Justin says: "he was our rock and the head of the family. Very much a family man. My brother and myself served with him. His nickname was Tiny as he was so tall. And was a man of his word, which he has passed on to me, my brother and his grandsons. Very much missed but with us every day."

He passed away on the 9th of September last year. When he was in the room, you knew it.


Graphite on paper

Bronte the dog was extraordinarily spoiled in her home life with loving owners Deb and Jeff. She had her own little spots around the house where she would hang out and be part of the daily family life. She also loved greeting all her visitors at the entryway to the house - you could hear her from the outside after you knocked on the door!

It is with an exceptionally heavy heart that she is no longer with us, dogs are the ones who just keep on loving unconditionally and are the light of our lives - Bronte certainly was for her family. 

She lives on in their home with this portrait proudly displayed in one of the most central walls of the home - there to stay in spirit and keep being part of the family as she would loyally do forever. 

Bevan and Edgar

Graphite on paper

Bevan (left) and Edgar (right) are brothers and loyal kitties to their owners Ellie and Javid. Bevan is a grumpy old man who allowed his very loving little brother into his home. They are chalk and cheese but both massive sooks who are now inseparable.



Graphite on paper

Angus lives a luxury life and loves to cuddle up with his owners on a regular basis!

This portrait was a surprise gift ordered from Angus's grandma Michelle to give to her son so he can cherish this gorgeous little boy forever! I would love to know how Angus feels when he looks at his self-portrait - I'm confident that he would be thinking "now that's a good looking fella"


Graphite on paper

Jet is in the same family tree as Angus above, and definitely just as spoiled by his loving owners. Jet has an absolutely gorgeous body of fur - so curly and shiny! He lives for snuggles and it absolutely shows!

This portrait of Jet was also a surprise gift - and I know for sure that Jet would be looking up at his portrait on the wall and knowing how damn good-looking he is!

One big Cap for a Gorgeous Baby

Graphite on paper

This baby's name was kept confidential - and understandably so! I don't think he was at the age of being able to voice his consent, or even consider it. So I am happy with the knowledge that he is safe out there!

His loving Grandfather ordered this portrait - at the time I was being taught by him in my Electronics class - how to draw schematics!

Schematics and photorealistic portraiture are definitely not apples from the same tree, however it was my favourite part of the entire trade course (naturally drawing.. it makes me happy). So my teacher, the Grand-Dad of this gorgeous baby boy, commissioned me to draw this and I still smile when I think back to that time all those years ago.

Some may not think so, but having a trade in electrical engineering did make me quite happy when I was able to think creatively and find solutions to things. It wasn't my passion, but a very interesting part of my life when I learned a lot of things about the world, how things work, and about myself too!

* Reference Photo deleted for Privacy reasons

My Big Head

Graphite on paper

It's me!

Self-portraiture has always fascinated me because of the question that first comes to mind, which is "how important to you have to be to be able to do a self-portrait?". I fixated on this thought a lot until I reached the conclusion that I should just do one now, to live in the moment, and not wait for a certain level of success before I turn these curiosities into action. 

Self-portraiture can be a means of self-reflection and accepting the self, it can be healing, and a tool for introspection. 

I look at other artists' self-portraits as a record of their life of being human, being themselves, living in the here and now. That's what I love about it the most. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom - Aristotle

Milo - Brother

Graphite on paper

This gorgeous little fella Milo lived a long and fun life for 14 years! The portrait of him was ordered as a gift to surprise Milo's owner, and it breaks my heart that dogs as insanely cute as this have to head up to heaven. I really love dogs and this one is absolutely dashing in his little convict coat.

I hope that the portrait of Milo lives on forever, and I think he'd be checking himself out from up there in heaven thinking "wow I look so good in pencil". Something about Milo's expression here just makes me feel positive and reminds me to live life to the fullest.


Graphite on paper

Rexy was extremely - and I really mean extremely - loved by his owners Asha and Bradley. It's not fair that dogs can't live forever, because dogs like Rexy are made 100% out of love.

Rest in peace little fella, your memory will always be with us.


Graphite on paper

Shadow is a gorgeous girl, she's chilled, yet playful and incredibly loyal to her loving family. She's always there for the party, loves hanging out with her sister Zipper (below) and going to the beach!

This portrait was a gift from the massive group of people who are part of my beloved friend Sam's life on her departure to Canada where she is now living her best life - snowboarding! We all wish we were there!

These drawings of her dogs, whom she loves more than people, are something she could fit in her suitcase. Sadly, Shadow and Zipper had to stay behind here in Australia. 


Graphite on paper

Zipper is the life of the party, she's usually excited, playful and, like her sister Shadow, incredibly loyal to her loving family. She loves hanging out with Shadow (above), they are two peas in a pod, and loves going to the beach as you can see here she is shaking that wet sand off!

This portrait was a gift from the massive group of people who are part of my beloved friend Sam's life on her departure to Canada where she is now living her best life - snowboarding! We all wish we were there!

These drawings of her dogs, whom she loves more than people, are something she could fit in her suitcase. Sadly, Shadow and Zipper had to stay behind here in Australia. 


Coloured Pencil on paper


Sandy is a gorgeous little dog, full of love and energy for anyone she meets. When I met her she was wearing a stylish denim jacket, which really matched her confident personality in saying hello. Her owner loves and adores her like nothing in this world, their bond is strong and she has lived a very luxurious life! 

The Pickstones

Coloured Pencil on paper

This family has been part of my life for a very long time, and I've seen them grow into a couple, to now a family of four! They are extremely loving people, caring, supportive, and have the cutest boys ever!


Graphite Pencil on paper

Max wears hotdogs, he's a stylish boy! He can't bark, but that doesn't stop him expressing all his emotions, particularly when he wants to be out walking for longer but has to come back home! 

Jones Family

Oil on canvas

In loving memory of Johnathan Jones (JJ) - an extremel well loved husband, father, and musician! This is one of the family's final photographs taken together and will always be treasured by everyone who loved him dearly.