Learn Something New from Every Portrait

I find myself learning a new skill from every portrait - they are all so unique and different that there's very often something I haven't quite drawn the same before.

Drawing and painting pets teaches me about the many differen types of fur texture and patterns out there, no two pets are the same and I find the fine lines between curly and straight fur, between dark and light fur, challenging every single time.

Portraying people teaches me about the MANY different nose shapes, eye shapes, ears, hairstyles, skin tones, there is honestly so much to a person's face and appearance that I find interesting every time. Babies compared to elderly people, for example, presents their own kinds of challenges which I absolutely love.

The other thing - every portrait tells a story, about the people or pets and those who love them. This is something that I think about for long hours as I'm drawing or painting them, and it draws me closer to who they are and what their life is about.

Many of my portrait subjects have sadly passed away, and as a sentiment to their life that they lived here with us in this place called Earth, I often pray that somehow doing a portrait of them could turn into magic (I wish) and bring them back to life. This is quite dreamy, but it's something I find myself returning to every time.

I love that people order portraits to be done of their loved ones who have passed away, it is honestly the sweetest thing and if they knew they had a portrait done of them I think they would be overwhelmed with happiness and love coming from this gesture from you.

More importantly, is the review process!

People sometimes feel bad for pointing out an imperfection, or something that isn't quite satisfactory - but the truth is, I appreciate this, a lot!

I love it when a portrait is complete, and we leave the final stages for review and touch-ups, this is my favourite part of the portrait because it's involved with you, I get to talk directly to you and find out your precise thoughts on the portrait. This is so valuable that you can't even put a price on it, so I don't, it's included in the portrait package. I don't charge any extra for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even 10th touch-up!

Please make the most of the review process! It's free, included, and makes the portrait 150% better than it could be! Afterall, unless I've met the person or pet in the portrait I'm working from photos, and you have likely seen them many more times than me, so tell me what I've done wrong confidently, I love hearing it!

Much Love


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