The Consequence of Error - a Portrait Re-Do

As some of those who follow me on Intagram @tams_portraits may know, I made an error which cost me a completed portrait that was just about to be shipped to the customer! My heart absolutely sank in the blink of an eye when it happened!

Gordon Body Portrait 1.0 - before the destruction

After a portrait is complete, my next step is to spray some clear matte non-acidic sealer on to ensure the graphite stays to the paper and doesn't wear off over time.


I accidentally picked up the WRONG CAN and grabbed the spray adhesive can, at 11pm at night (stayed up late to finish this portrait)...

The spray adhesive is ice-cold when it comes out of the can, and made some ice burn marks on the paper that the portrait was drawn on. These large burnt areas were slightly recoverable, however not recoverable enough to be satisfied with the quality of the portrait.

So, the EXTREMELY patient and understanding customer was great about it. I don't know how, but I am forever thankful that he made sure I wasn't feeling pressured or stressed about it. There is no choice in this situation but to fix what happened.

So I recovered what I could with the portrait and delivered it, then started again from scratch, for free of course (I would never charge someone for something that is my fault).

Gordon Body Portrait 2.0 - the new one to replace the destroyed one

This is the first time in my entire life that I've drawn a portrait twice, so I am extremely grateful for the experience despite how hard it was for me to accept myself after making such a fatal error.

I'm also happy to see that this customer has two for the price of one! This portrait is of his father, who is no longer with us and I feel immensely touched that I could make this as a family heirloom and memorial portrait.

Anyhoo that's enough from me!

Much love

Tam xx

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