What's New at TPP - Tattoo Designs!

#tamsportraits now doing #tattoodesigns YAY!!!

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to design a tattoo.. well I wouldn't be rich, because it takes a long time to do them and girl's gotta eat - BUT I do get asked this question very regularly and I got tired of saying no to everyone!

I also want to say thank you to all my blog readers, you guys are beautiful and I am extremely grateful to be heard by you and this community. Right now I feel it is definitely quality over quantity, which is one of life's great virtues and 100% how I envisioned this experience would be.

I have already planned out a bunch of topics I want to cover in future blogs, things like tips on painting and drawing, how to visit art galleries (confidently), and I won't spoil all of the surprises just yet!

Here's How it Works:

* Jump on the Tattoo Design page at https://www.tamsphotorealisticportraits.com.au/tattoo-designs

* If you have an idea in mind, you'll see what the price packages include, so it should be very easy to choose. There is Micro, Small, Medium and Large sizes available, and they all come with a minimum 1 consultation, draft designs while we chat, and the completed original design drawing/s shipped to you (as well as digital copies).

* If you haven't got a tattoo idea yet, feel free to email me at tamsportraits@outlook.com and I can offer my thoughts, ideas and creative opinions. Tattoos are a very personal thing, so I can only suggest ideas and certainly do not want to pressure anyone into getting a tattoo outside of their dreams. I have seen a lot of tattoos and I love to ask people about theirs, it's a really good conversation starter and it brings insight into who they are which is just really beautiful.

* Fill in the order form to get the ball rolling! It's super easy and I'll get back to you in the next 2 business days to arrange a time for our first consultation. This can be done in person at a local cafe, or via Zoom (online web chat). The consultation time goes for 45 minutes.

* A 50% upfront payment is required for me to commence your design. This is in line with my portraits, and most creative businesses similar to mine. This just means that I am 100% convinced that you truly want the design, because often in the past people have changed their mind and I've spent many hours of my life drawing or painting something for them without being paid for my time and effort at all (which is an absolutely awful feeling)!

* Preparing for the Consultation: Get brainstorming on ideas, and send me through all or any photos and inspiring images that you'd love incorporated into your tattoo. tamsportraits@outlook.com is ALWAYS there to send through a 5th, 6th or even 100th idea picture, the world is your oyster and I don't mind receiving more information from you! However keep in mind that we want only the most relevant pictures, being flooded with too many can be inspiring but overwhelming, so I often find simple is best.

* Bring Along to Your Consultation: Bring any pictures that you may not have sent me via email, and get pumped for a chat about your tattoo design! I'll bring along my sketching pad and pencil to do draft (messy) sketches during our chat. These are by no means a finished product, they are just draft sketches to lay out the general ideas we've discussed.

* Waiting for your Design: If at any point while you're waiting you feel like you want to change the design, please let me know ASAP via email at tamsportraits@outlook.com. Afterall, it wouldn't be worthwhile doing a design that you don't REALLY want tattood on your body! However, keep in mind that more changes to the design just means it'll take longer to be complete, so you'll need to be patient with the process.

* If you've purchased two consultations (medium and large size tattoos) I will then email you to arrange our 2nd consultation at a local cafe or via Zoom again. This is where I will show you what I've designed so far, and we can discuss any changes you'd like made, and any additions to the design. This is particularly important for tattoos like sleeves, full back, or any large body part where tattoo elements are connecting.

* Once the design is complete I will photograph it for a last review. Here we can still make some small changes if something isn't quite right, it's important that you check over it and let me know if there's a niggly little bit that you'd like me to alter. It means the most to me that you're 150% happy with your tattoo design.

* Once you are happy with the final design the final 50% payment will be made, I'll post the original drawings to you, and also create it into a digital pdf. and a jpg. file for you to keep if you want to upload them to a tattooist.

I hope that all made clear sense and covered up any areas of confusion!

As always, email me at tamsportraits@outlook.com for any queries, questions and feedback!

Much love,