Gunnedah sunrises are breathtaking on top of the mountain. With a view of the gorgeous countryside, this landscape painting captures the warmth in the earliest light of the day. This is an original artwork on paper ready to frame and hang in a new home. The colours are vibrant and bright, amber with the baby blue sky, reminiscent of the beautiful morning countryside.


Reference room photograph by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay


Original Painting

The medium used is watercolour and acrylic paint on rough surface Reeves watercolour 300gsm paper. Sealed with UV protective varnish. Framed with hook installed, ready to hang on the wall. 


Watercolour and acrylic on Paper

Height: 29.7cm

Width: 42cm


Breadth: 0.01cm

Gunnedah Sunrise

  • This painting is framed, ready to be hung on the wall with a D-Hook positioned on the back-centre. It is designed to be kept flat and the surface away from abrasive or sharp objects that could scratch it. The painting must remain in a dry environment, kept away from water or liquids.  The painting will last the longest if fingertip oils are kept free from it.