Self Care that is Cool on Instagram and Self Care that is actually needed.
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Effective self care isn't what you see on captured on a Perfect Instagram #selfie of a girl putting on her #beauty face mask and sipping a collagen smoothie. It also doesn't mean being a model and standing under a waterfall in the #nature wilderness to show off your #fitness body fat percentage and perfect skin tan. Or any of the things we long for when we scroll social media and feel guilty about ourselves not living our best lives. 

We are told that these things are the shortcut to our mental health. However, it's not that easy. If having a bubble bath simply brought me me to all of my problems and the answers of how to solve them I wouldn't have found the real pathways I needed to get ahead. Don't get me wrong, I love bubble baths, but their primary purpose is to maintain my personal hygeine and they don't fold all my washing for me, unfortunately. Taking care of yourself as an adult human being doesn't mean you need to follow the trends for self care, it means you have to think deeply about your needs on any given day. Your needs tomorrow will be different to your needs today, and only you can pay attention to yourself every moment of every day. 

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